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North Carolina Big Name Retail Brands Fined For Excessive Charging

Cadrene Heslop

Store checkout errors are rising in North Carolina. This increase is significant. And it has caused customers to pay more for their purchases.

Eight of the identified stores are in Mecklenburg County. Four Walmarts, three Dollar Generals, and one Target got fined $63,505 in total for scanning errors. (source)

Other stores in the Charlotte area got issued fines. These include two stores in Union County. Plus, two stores in Rowan County, one in Iredell County, and one in Catawba County. Thus far, the state has fined 61 stores in 32 counties for scanner errors. These mistakes got recorded in the second quarter of this year. Steve Troxler is an Agriculture Commissioner. Steve had this to say in a news release. (source)

“It is always a good practice for consumers to check their receipts. As well as the price on the shelf to ensure they are paying the correct amount and alert managers if they are not correct.”
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Walmart and Dollar General also got fined in the first quarter of the year for overcharges. The combined fines amounted to $42,165. (source)

State workers conduct periodic, unannounced inspections of retail stores. It gets done to see if the price on shelves matches fees at the register. The most recent Charlotte area checks were in December 2021 to the earlier months of 2022. Here are some of the error rate findings among 50 items at different locations. (source)

  • Dollar General at 7322 The Plaza, Charlotte. The inspections from December 2021 to June found 23.67%, 16.33%, 8%, and 8.67% error rates, respectively.
  • Target at 9841 Northlake Centre Pkwy., Charlotte. The inspections from December 2021 and February 2022 found 7% and 6.67% error rates, respectively. The store passed in April.
  • Walmart at 3209 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte. The inspections from November 2021 and February 2022 found 5.67% and 9.33% error rates, respectively. The store passed in April.

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