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Think Twice Before Posting. Women Says, "TikTok Got Me Fired"

Cadrene Heslop

A Denver resident claims she lost her job because of social media. The TikTok culture encourages people to show more and more of their life. Some people overshare; others feel the need to hop on the latest trend by posting from every location. Thus, videos get made at or about work. When this content goes viral, it receives management's attention. Managers sometimes decide to dismiss the worker because of the material.

The woman has now gone back to her previous job. After, she lost her recent higher-paying tech role. Why? Because she posted TikTok videos about her salary. Lexi Larson posted on her TikTok account about how she got a new tech industry job. The position raised her income from $70,000 to $90,000. The video received 168,000 views. She then posted more videos explaining how she got that job. (source)

Larson said her employer found her TikTok account. So, she removed some of the videos fearing anger from her boss. She was later let go over her posts. Now, experts are warning employees to be careful how they use social media. (source)
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USAToday did some research on the incident involving Larson. The team aimed to answer the question, "Can an employer prohibit you from discussing your salary?". (source)

"No, according to the National Labor Relations Act. Employees have the right to communicate with fellow employees and others about their wages. It's also unlawful for employers to punish, retaliate, threaten or put employees under surveillance for having such discussions. However, the National Labor Relations Board said "when using electronic communications, like social media, keep in mind that your employer may have policies against using their equipment."

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