Why Are Theater Movies Rare In 2022

Cadrene Heslop

We are heading into the fall. Yet, like much of the earlier months of 2022, there are few theater movies. Most of the trailers for new cinematic material are for streaming services. (source)

"Bullet Train" is Sony's action flick starring Brad Pitt. It will hit theaters next week. But after this feature, the theater listings are few. The months of August, September, and October don't have many films lined up for airing to audiences. Despite low releases, many movies have not become blockbusters. (source)

Experts have high hope for Marvel's "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.". It will debut on November 11, and analysts predict it could open beyond $50 million. So, what is the reason for the declining premieres at theaters? (source)

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Hollywood is well-behind its pre-pandemic output. This time in 2019, 63 releases happened in North America, according to Comscore. This year the number is 39, which is a 38% fall from three years ago. Ticket sales are also 30% behind pre-pandemic levels. (source)

Industry officials suggest the drought at the theaters will continue. Movies are getting produced and released. But these are heading straight over to streaming services. Other production houses in Hollywood are facing worker shortages which delays release dates. (source)

Another explanation surrounds content. Shawn Robbins is the chief analyst at Boxoffice.com. Shawn says, "[the industry is] still playing catch-up to audience sentiment and expectations for new content on the big screen.". (source)

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