Average Distance Young Adults Move Away From Home

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More young adults are staying close to home even when they move out. The cinematic notion is young adults who move out leave their hometowns. And choose to live far away from their families. But this is not the current real-life reality, according to a study.

The paper got researched by two organizations. The groups are the U.S. Census Bureau in collaboration with Harvard University. The data uses census and tax data for persons born between 1984 and 1992. The paper says by age 26, 80% of young adults had moved less than 100 miles from where they grew up. Only 10% had relocated more than 500 miles away. (source)

The study also found that higher wages gave young adults a reason to stay in their hometowns. For every $1,600 in extra annual payment, around 99% of these wage gains benefited the local community. (source)

The study then accessed how different groups of young adults behave when moving. Here are the findings. (source)

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The Average Distance Young Adults Move Away From Home


  • Asian Americans move 220 miles away from home
  • White Americans move 190 miles away from home
  • Hispanic Americans move 140 miles away from home
  • Black Americans move 130 miles away from home
  • Individuals born into the top 1% move 325 miles away from home
  • Individuals born at the 25th percentile move 160 miles away from home

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