The President's Granddaughter Plans White House Wedding Reception

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Naomi Biden is President Joe Biden's 28-year-old granddaughter. Naomi is also a lawyer at the white-shoe law firm Arnold & Porter. She plans to have her reception at the White House. The last similar event at this property was in 2008 for Jenna Bush. (source)

The event will mark the first time in a decade. Since a member of a sitting president's family will have a wedding reception at the White House. Naomi Biden announced the plans via a tweet. The Twitter note got posted in April 2022. But the date for the reception is fast approaching. (source)

What is the date for this White House wedding reception? And who is her fiancé?
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Here is Naomi Biden's tweet:

Who is Peter Neal? And when is the wedding reception?

Her fiancé is Peter Neal. Peter is a 24-year-old law student at the University of Pennsylvania. He was born on April 17, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, but, at a young age, his family moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Neal attended Jackson Hole Community School. Then, he went to Burke Mountain Academy, a preeminent prep school for ski racers. His mother is an author, and she also had her story featured in a Netflix docuseries. (source)

According to CNN, Naomi Biden and Neal met in New York City on a date set up by a mutual friend. The reception got set for November 19. (source)

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