One-Time Payments Give Delaware Residents Cash This Summer

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Delaware is one of the eighteen states providing one-time direct payments to locals. The officials signed off on the bill, including these expenditures earlier this year. The state began giving the $300 relief checks to each adult resident in May 2022. (source)

This rebate will go to people who have filed their 2020 personal income taxes on time. Payments will also go to adult residents who timely filed 2021 tax returns. Plus, other individuals aged 18 and older; who got identified via other State agency data. The sums will go to their intended beneficiaries. Thus, residents do not have to take action to receive the funds. (source)

Residents can track their checks here.

What is the timeframe for the payout? Will people who filed late get consideration?
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The payments began in May 2022 and will continue throughout the summer. Despite this, about 150,000 eligible residents await their $300 check. Rick Geisenberger is the Delaware Finance Secretary. Rick told Delaware Public Media: (source)

"We estimate that the maximum amount left might be 150,000 — I think that's the high end. We are working with numerous other state agencies, DMV, Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Correction, and others, to identify other people in this state where we have Social Security number information and cross-reference that against people we've already sent checks to."

By October 17, 2022, the Department of Finance has plans to help other residents. It will develop a pathway for qualifying adult citizens who did not file a 2020 Delaware tax return to receive a rebate. More information will get announced when available. (source)

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