Gus Pump Ban Planned For California

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America and the world are experiencing hotter days. As such, White House officials want to reduce the carbon footprint of America.

The Back Story

The Environmental Protection Authority estimates transportation accounts for 27% of US total emissions. It is a tremendous single greenhouse gas emissions contributor. Thus, President Biden wants half of all cars in the country to be electric by 2030. (source)

The Biden administration has proposed an infrastructure bill. It contains $7.5 billion for the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Plus, $5 billion is available to states for building charging ports along highways. And some cities like Colorado and California plan to work with the national proposal. (source)

What moves have Californians been making against gas pumps?
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The Trajectory: California Is Going Electric

Los Angeles is the latest American city to propose a ban on new stations. Los Angeles is following the example of four other Golden State towns. These towns have restricted new pumps from getting built. (source)

Petaluma, California, is the first place in the world to ban new petrol stations. It passed a law last year to change its building codes. The update prevents new sites and restricts existing stations from expanding. D’Lynda Fisher is a council member in Petaluma. Fisher says the original purpose of the ban was to curb supermarket expansion. It was to prevent supermarts from building gas stations to attract more customers. (source)

Paul Koretz is the Los Angeles council member who authored the bill. Paul describes the ban as modest. He explains there is a glut of gas stations in the town. And the bill seeks to reject two or three applications per year. Los Angeles also has other ambitious plans. The city wants to prohibit the sale of all petrol-powered cars by 2035. (source)

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