Colorado Continues To Add Electric Vehicle Chargers To Highways

Cadrene Heslop

Do you drive an electric vehicle (EV)? Are you a resident of Colorado? The state is adding more electric vehicle charging stations to the highway. So, you can top up your battery when needed during travel.

Some corridors have already gotten approval for the charger network. Colorado’s National Electric Vehicle infrastructure includes 2,193 road miles. This new segment will increase the network road mileage by 44% to 3,164. (source)

The Colorado Department of Transportation does not own or operate the chargers. Under the program, the Department awards grants to entities. Entities can use the awarded grants to build, own, maintain, and operate chargers. The eligible entities are private, public, and nonprofit groups. (source)

How many miles will get added? And what are the other details of the project?
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Colorado will receive $57 million to build vehicle chargers on an extra 971 miles of state highway. The Federal Highway Administration has approved six stretches of state road. The addition of the chargers will extend the travel options of EV drivers. (source)

The initiative's name is The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure formula program (NEVI). NEVI got set up by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Funding from the program will provide $5 billion over five years. The monies will get used to set up DC fast electric vehicle charging along highway corridors. Up to 80% of the eligible costs for charging infrastructure get paid by the program. The funds are for use within one mile of federally approved designated corridors. And there must be less than a 50-mile gap between chargers. (source)

Colorado hopes to introduce many EVs to its roads by 2030. The goal is 940,000 light-duty zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), 1,000 transit ZEVs, and 35,000 medium- and heavy-duty ZEVs. Here are the roadways slated for work under the program. The extra highway corridors include I-270, US 34, US 36, US 287, US 385, and US 550. Already approved ones include I-25, I,70, I-76, US 40, US 50, US 160, and US 285. (source)

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