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Wisconsin Approves New Annual Payments

Cadrene Heslop

Madison, Wisconsin, has approved a new monthly payment plan. These monthly payouts are valid for a year. There is a growing trend for cities to offer novel support programs. Here is an example of another innovative city support program, New Relief Proposal For Low-Income New Jersey Families.

Madison, Wisconsin, has set up one such program as well. The questions remain who benefits, and when will payments get issued?

Here is what Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway had to say about the initiative. (source)

"We all know monthly cash aid can help families access healthy food, buy school supplies, or even get a better job. A guaranteed income can also improve the mental and physical health of recipients. Piloting this program in Madison not only helps Madison families, but it also helps build the case for a national guaranteed income program."
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The city officials invited families to apply to the Madison Forward Fund. The qualifying families must have a household income less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Line. They should also have at least one child under 18 living in their home, plus be permanent Madison residents. The application period was from June 21 to July 3. 155 applicants got randomly selected to receive the monthly payments. The program funds total $930,000. The money is from private donor donations, not the city's tax dollars. The selected recipients will receive $500 per month. (source)

Madison, Wisconsin will send the first payment between August and September. (source)

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*Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. This article got written using city reports and accredited media reports.*

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