Tax Credit Will Give Hundreds Per Child

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The deadline for applications is July 31. The Connecticut Governor's office informed NBC Connecticut about the program. The team said the eligibility capacity is 300,000 families. And only 130,000 applications are still available. (source)

The tax credit is $250 per child and a limit of three children per family. Thus, families can get a maximum benefit of $750. Officials have been talking up the program on Twitter as the date is approaching fast. They encourage residents to fill out the application to get the tax break. (source)

To apply for the "2022 CT Child Tax Rebate", visit the Department of Revenue Services website here.
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Here is one such tweet:

Which Connecticut Families Are Eligible For The Child Tax Credit?

Income is the basis for accessing this credit. Single filers have a $100,000 limit. Heads of households have a cap of $160,000, and married couples filing together can earn up to $200,000. What about people who make over $200,000? You can still receive a rebate. But it will reduce by 10% for every $1,000 you earned over the thresholds.

If you have trouble applying, The United Way is an organization providing help to locals. Do you meet the above guidelines? You can approach their officials for help. The payments may go out as soon as next month.

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