BMW Car Subscription Plans For 2022

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More Americans are taking on second jobs to afford their expenses. (source). While some work another office job, others have begun side hustles. An article said jobless Americans seek the dream of passive incomes. (source). But businesses like BMW also aim to gain "passive" incomes through microtransactions.

The business model is unusual for a car company. BMW wants its customers to signup for a subscription plan if they want heated seats. The strategy began in other countries, but America does not have this option yet. Experts believe the pricing model will get introduced to Americans soon. (source)

The BWN site explains some car models have installed seat warmers at no extra cost. But using the function requires a monthly subscription plan. After signing up for a payment tier, seat warmer activation can occur. (source)

How much is the cost of a seat warmer subscription?
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The heated seat subscription is $18 per month. Lengthy subscription periods have discounts built into the pricing tier. The alternative options are a year ($180), three years ($300), or unlimited access ($415). (source)

This subscription move has been gradual for BMW. Other digital car features have gotten locked behind paywalls before. The heated seat sub is now available in Germany, the UK, New Zealand, and South Africa. America does not have the BMW digital store yet. But, experts say the auto industry's future is full of microtransactions. (source)

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