The IRS Sends Billions More In Fourth Stimulus Checks

Cadrene Heslop

Many have wondered if there will be more federal stimulus checks. The likelihood of these payments was uncertain. Thus, many states have taken the lead in sending payouts to their residents:

But on Wednesday, the IRS said it continues to send federal stimulus checks. The 2.2 million payments have gone to eligible Americans as recently as July 21. Some of the payments included extra funds. The "plus-up" difference is for people who received less than their entitled cash amounts in the earlier checks. (source)

The latest stimulus check is a part of Biden's American Rescue Plan. The income threshold is $75,000 or less for single taxpayers. The qualification cap for household heads is $112,500 or less. The eligibility limit is $150,000 or less for joint filing married couples plus widows and widowers. (source)

How much money has the IRS already sent out?
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The IRS said the last check batch amounts to over $4 billion and delivered $1,400 to each eligible adult and child. The tax agency will continue to issue stimulus checks every week. (source)

The agency is also working to issue monies unsent from the last set of stimulus payments. Those checks never got sent because there was insufficient information on the recipients. But if these people recently filed a tax return, they can receive the previous check or a "plus-up" payment. (source)

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