The Top 10 American Prize Drawings

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The Mega Millions jackpot went from $660 million to $790 million since the last draw. It is now America's fourth highest prize. The next drawing is on Tuesday. The tremendous value is because there has been no winner for three months or 27 consecutive draws. This treasury rose from $20 million in April.

How does this jackpot compare to the other top ten highest amounts?

What was the biggest Mega Millions jackpot?

These are the Top 10 jackpots ever since the Mega Millions began in 1996: (source)

The value of the 3rd highest Mega Millions jackpot is subject to change because no one has won it as yet.
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What was the largest U.S. jackpot ever?

These are the top jackpots won in the United States, between the "Powerball" and the "Mega Millions": (source)

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