Walgreens Enforces Policies To Customers' Displeasure

Cadrene Heslop

Customers are calling for a boycott of Walgreens. The trend follows reports of denied prescriptions and personal item purchases.

Back Story

The issue began on July 18. Reports said Walgreens pharmacists have been rejecting prescriptions with increased frequency. A long-standing policy allows workers to avoid filling prescriptions if they morally object. It also requires workers to refer the doctor's note to another pharmacist or manager on duty. (source)

But the trouble occurs when the referred worker also turns down filling the note. The customer will have to visit another pharmacy to receive their items. The complainants went to social media to tell their stories. They consider it a barrier to health care services. (source)

Fraser Engerman is the senior director of external relations at Walgreens. Fraser explains these instances are rare: (source)

“Our policies are designed to ensure we meet the needs of our patients and customers while respecting the religious and moral beliefs of our team members. In the instance a team member has a religious or moral conviction that prevents them from meeting a customer need, we require them to refer the customer to another employee or manager on duty who can complete the transaction.”

The behavior of the company and its employees is becoming more worrying. There are new concerns about how the pharmacy chain handles personal information. (source)

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New Concerns

Customers are using social media to share concerns about experiences at different locations. Customers claim they have begun receiving unsolicited baby formula samples in the mail. The free samples arrived after buying feminine products with the pharmacy's rewards card. The baby formula company explained that these women had opted to receive promotional items from Reckitt. (source)

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*Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. This article got written using corporate postings and accredited media reports.*

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