Expanding Drought In The West

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A different issue is arising in parts of America. Western states are experiencing drought. Farmers of irrigation districts are getting warnings to expect less water this year. But demands for the commodity are growing. (source)

Climate experts say March marked the third straight month of low precipitation. The problem persists across the U.S., with record dryness in the West. The areas most affected are Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. (source)

The federal water manager shared their annual operating plan for the Rio Grande. The Rio Grande is a huge water source for millions of people and thousands of farmland. The water managers believe they can keep the river flowing. But it will depend on the weather. (source)

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Reports have labeled this the worst drought in more than 1,200 years. This "megadrought" has broken previous records for the driest 22-year period. The authors cite human-caused climate change as the main contributing factor. (source)

Park Williams is the lead author of the study. Williams said:

"Climate change is changing the baseline conditions toward a drier, gradually drier state in the West. And that means the worst-case scenario keeps getting worse. This is right in line with what people were thinking of in the 1900s as a worst-case scenario. But today I think we need to be even preparing for conditions in the future that are far worse than this."

The irrigation districts announced residents will get a fraction of their usual water allocations this year due to the drought. (source)

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