Chipotle Customer Shares Burrito Secret

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Prices are on the rise at most cash registers across the country. Costs are increasing from gas stations and grocery stores to local small businesses. And customers are sharing tips to help others. According to a TikTok video by a Chipotle customer, there is a secret to getting a cheaper vegetarian burrito.

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The Chipotle customer who shares the burrito secret is Hannah Hutson

Here is a screenshot of the 7 second TikTok video by Hannah Hutson (@hannahhuts):
Screenshot by Author | Photo from TikTok via @hannahhuts

Chipotle Burrito Secret

Hannah Hutson sits on a bench eating a burrito.

The text overlay on the TikTok video reads, "Lifehack for when you are hungry and a little broke!! Order a pinto bean (extra beans) and cheese burrito at Chipotle. They charge it as 2 sides. It is literally $1.94 and it slaps. I order it even when I have money."

In response to a comment, Hutson said the hack only works for in-person orders. If you try it on the app as a mobile order, you will not get it for the two sides' price.

Hutson has been doing this since she was in high school. Hutson said, " Whenever I get chipotle with friends they’re always in awe at my order and the price and they say that they want to try it next time so when my sister and I went to get our chipotle bean and cheese burritos I decided to share the hack with the internet! These burritos have saved me a couple of times when I really didn’t have money for food and they’re filling with good protein so I want to help out anyone in a similar position."

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