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There are several reasons for Americans having high-stress levels, including:

A new study found that where you live could impact your stress level. The report got released by WalletHub. It declares the least and most stressed U.S. states in 2022. WalletHub researchers compared 50 states based on 41 measurements. The four categories are work, money, family, plus health and safety-related stress. (source)

The Least Stressed American States in 2022:

1. New Jersey

2. Nebraska

3. Massachusetts

4. North Dakota

5. Hawaii

6. New Hampshire

7. Wisconsin

8. South Dakota

9. Minnesota

10. Utah
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The Most Stressed American States in 2022:

1. Louisiana

2. Nevada

3. New Mexico

4. West Virginia

5. Mississippi

6. Arkansas

7. Oklahoma

8. Alabama

9. Texas

10. Tennessee

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