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It is a common practice for content creators to overshare.

Sometimes, they reveal the secrets of their former employers. And give away details about well-known businesses. Here are recent stories on the topic:

Most of the time, the shares are by customers or former employees. But not this time. A content creator is now exposing the lesser policies of stores.

In one of her videos, she focuses on Costco.

Were you aware of this?
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The post is by Erika Kullberg (@erikankullberg) on Instagram. The video is also on her TikTok. The secret is one you may not know yet. But it can save you money on recent Costco online purchases.

The Secret

Costco has a price adjustment policy.

Erika Kullberg said gives you store credit if you bought an item before the price changed. This secret applies only to ordinary members.

Here's how it works.

You order a product online. Then has a sale. If you bought the item 30 days before a price change, you are eligible for store credit. You can send your request for a price adjustment here.

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