More Furry Social Media Stars in California

Cadrene Heslop

As social media gets mainstream, many individuals hope to make their pets famous. A 2021 to 2022 survey revealed that about 90.5 million American households own a pet. Reports suggest 1 in every 4 of these families want pets to become internet sensations.

Pets can be influencers. The most popular animal on Instagram is a dog of the Pomeranian breed, with 9.8 million followers. The account of Jiff Pom (@jiffpom) is blue tick verified and labeled as a public figure. Many other animal breeds have reached influencer status. Examples are Nala Cat (4.3 million followers) and Juniper Foxx (3 million followers).

The animal influencer space thus welcomes all animals, even horses. Top online pets often earn sponsorship deals. These animals are also more popular than the humans behind the account. Some owners say their pet's page gets higher engagement rates and audience followings. Many pet profiles exceed their owner's follower count by an average amount of 925 fans.
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How many pet owners create social media profiles for their pets?

A Mars Petcare U.S. survey found that 1 in every 6 pet owners created a social media page for their animal. 65% of these page managers post about their creatures two times per week. Meanwhile, 40% of respondents preferred to fill their personal feeds with snaps of their furry family members.

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