TikToker Shares Dollar Tree Secrets

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There is high inflation in America.

Customers are feeling the pressure of raised prices at every checkout line. From gas pumps to grocery stores. Many people are getting innovative to save money. The government is also enacting measures to ease the burden of gas prices. In some states, governors are waiving fuel taxes for short time frames. And Biden is planning on releasing one million barrels of oil per day to cool fuel prices.

Dollar Tree is well-known for its affordable prices. Many shoppers looking for deals head there for relief from high costs. But even Dollar Tree faces inflation, so how are they still keeping their prices low. Well, a TikToker (@babyscribblez) found out how. But she does not like Dollar Tree's methods.

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Dollar Tree's secrets to keeping costs low

According to @babyscribblez's video, the company increased prices from $1 to $1.25. Dollar Tree is also cutting the size and quantity count of products. But many brands are also doing the same. This event bears the name of shrinkflation. She and commentators went on to say that the company has also cut some product lines it usually offers shoppers.

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