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Some startups are profitable despite having a double-digit number of employees. Onlookers wonder how they do it. Well, a startup evangelist has revealed his secret to success. And many who saw his tweet are not happy about the post.

In a recent tweet, the self-storage owner and operator share his secret. The post by Nick Huber (@sweatystartup on Twitter) now has over 2,000 likes and 238 replies.
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This is his tweet:
Screenshot by Author | Post by Nick Huber on Twitter

According to a currency calculator, $5 U.S. Dollars is about 260 Philippine Pesos. According to Trading Economics, the Philippinian minimum wage varies by region. But in Manila, the minimum wage is 537 pesos per day. Thus at 260 pesos per hour, Huber's Philippine workers earn more daily.

Some of the replies were quick to point out ethical concerns. Others supported Huber saying, "$5 per hour is a lot of money in the Philippines".

Hubert was also quick to get on the defensive about his tweet. He pointed out that the complaints come from people using iPhones which got assembled in China. Huber's response:

"Your iPhone was assembled by someone making less than $3.50 USD per hour."

He also believes the retweets will create more opportunities for Filipinos to get work from US entrepreneurs. He tweet:

"You’ll see this tweet monthly. I can handle the heat. The more people quote tweet this, the more business owners see it and change the trajectory of their lives. I bet 10+ have made the decision just this morning. And 20+ Filipinos will get opportunities in the US."

What do you think?

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