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Winds And Thunderstorms Watch In Baltimore

Cadrene Heslop

The cold season is coming to an end.

As the temperature gets warmer, more states are experiencing wet conditions. Thunderstorms and winds add intensity to the inclement weather. Meteorologist services suggest a widespread storm will develop over California. Then, progress to central and eastern states. On March 30, 2022, northwestern Arkansas got hit by a tornado. And a cluster of harsh storms has formed over sections of the state.

Weather forecasters are labeling these storm events as classic springtime storms. This condition causes a flare-up of tornado threats, heavy rains, light snow, and strong winds. These weather events are possible because of two occurrences. Southward winds track through a low-pressure area from California. Then, the storm system receives moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Combined, it leads to rain and thunderstorms in central and southern America.
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What weather system is affecting Baltimore, Maryland?

A warm front is crossing Maryland. Right now, it is causing a few showers and light sleet. But as the system passes, the severity could get worse.

How will the weather conditions progress in surrounding areas?

The warm front will move north to the northeast, away from the state. Locals may experience temperatures between the mid-30s by day and mid-50s in the afternoons, with 40s overnight. The high end-of-day temperatures increase the risk of thunderstorms. If storms develop, damaging winds of 50 miles per hour are possible.

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