Former McDonald's Worker Exposes Secrets

Cadrene Heslop

We all want to know what happens in the kitchens of our favorite fast-food restaurants. How is the food prepared? How can I get the food fresh when I order?

Why did I have that experience the last time I went? Why does the food taste like that? We seek answers to these and many more questions. Thanks to social media, your inquiries are receiving responses. Former employees are spilling secrets to please your curiosity.

One such past employee is Dessy Joseph (@jodessy on TikTok). She did a series of tell-alls about her work life at Mcdonald's in 2020. Dessy answered the burning questions of her followers. Finally!
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Here are 12 of McDonald's secrets exposed.

1. McDonald's Fries are salty because the sever shakes on any amount.

2. McFlurries are not mixed anymore at some locations to save about 2 seconds.

3. Keep your receipt if your order was wrong or did not taste great. Carry it back next time, and a server will replace the meal.

4. The probability of someone spitting into your food is very low. The kitchen staff prepares your food, not the cashier.

5. You can ask for your food to get made fresh. Or request a condiment like mayo, ketchup, or pickles get left out to ensure it gets prepared on the spot.

6. Workers do not have permission to carry home food.
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7. Workers can have one meal for the numbered menu board.

8. A lot of cross-contamination happens when stacking ingredients. So, be careful if you have allergies.

9. Everything comes in frozen. Workers only heat and assemble.

10. Four secret things to order at McDonald's. McChicken with bacon. McDouble plus Big Mac Sauce, Oreo McFlurry add caramel sauce, and Mocha Frappe add Oreos.

11. If your wait time seems long, ask about your number. When the store is busy, servers press the screen button to meet company policies. But then forget who got food and who did not.

12. Cashiers often say no to extra condiments. This move helps them avoid getting spoken to about it by their supervisors.

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