Rising Food Cost in America

Cadrene Heslop

The availability of food in America could get worse, says reports. After Thanksgiving, shoppers noticed price hikes and food product shortages in grocery stores.

Meat prices are on the decline in local supermarkets. What a relief? The cost of poultry, eggs, fish, and meat fell by 0.4% between November to December. Here are the other dips on the meat aisle:

  • Beef and veal dropped 2%
  • Hot dogs were 1.5% cheaper
  • Pork chops fell 1.1%
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What about the cost of staple foods?

But the cost of staples is on the rise. Restaurants and food companies like McDonald's and Kraft Heinz have price increase plans. Thus, eating out and grocery store favorites became more expensive:

  • Breakfast cereal jumped by 1.4%
  • Rice, cornmeal, and pasta went up 1.3%
  • Fresh fruit up 1.8% (8.9% raise in oranges and tangerines)
  • Potatoes rose 4.9%
  • Crackers went up 2.7%
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What to expect from future food-running errands?

And this could be the beginning of expensive food shopping trips. Gas prices are not the only cost factor affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. Wheat costs are also on the increase. Supply disruptions have pushed up wheat prices on the Chicago Board of Trade to almost $13 per bushel.

This change means further hikes in the prices of your favorite carbs. These food products include rice, pasta, bread, beer, and crackers. The next time you visit the supermarket, you may see more changes in the prices on the shelves.

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