Delivery Pains Exposed By Workers

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We have all heard of side hustles, am I right? Some of the most popular ones are delivery services. What stops us from trying these work gigs? Not knowing what the working conditions are like daily. Every job has unpleasant tasks. And the disadvantages can outweigh the good, meaningful work you do to serve others. These are the job woes faced by delivery workers.
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Here are the pet peeves of delivery employees. The secrets got shared by an Amazon worker and he got supportive complaints from FedFex and DoorDash personnel in the comments on Tiktok. Have you ever worked in similar roles before?

The video's name is "3 things I wish I knew before working at Amazon"; it got shared by revengekkid. In the comments, many others agreed with his points.

The drawbacks of being a delivery worker

1. Apartment dropoffs take up your time.

Residents in apartment complexes often do not pin their exact location.

If they do not meet you at the front office, you may need to look for them. So, do not expect to get off work early.

2. If you get done fast, you cannot leave early.

Your manager will say if you get done as fast as possible, you can go home early. But your other colleagues might be struggling. So, in reality, you will have to help someone hand off their packages. His advice is to jog (work slow) a little bit. Then, run (work fast) later to not help anyone with their tasks.

3. Several stops get combined into one.

The last pet peeve of revengekkid is group stops. These dropoffs are where three houses count as one-stop. It is not ideal because you have around 250 deliveries a day.
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Can you relate to the pains of delivery workers? What was your experience in similar roles? Leave your comment below and share this story on social media.

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