A Habit That Exercises Your Brain

Cadrene Heslop

Your brain is one of your most enormous and complex organs. It has 100 billion nerves. Each nerve communicates messages to your body through a trillion connections called synapses.

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Most reflexive behaviors like a knee-jerk reaction happen without your brain's involvement. They occur fast. How? Because the reflex arc starts with sensory neurons in your spinal cord.

Some brain functions like breathing and sleep are instinctive. Despite the impulsive nature of activities like breathing, it affects your brain network. According to studies, the effect depends on your mood, attention, and body awareness. Yet, there is one activity that works out your brain more than others.

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What activity exercises your brain?

Writing, especially by hand, engages several areas of your brain. Scientists have also found that the way brains of expert writers work are different. Thus, inexperienced writers watch their stories like films inside their heads. But experts narrate their tales with their inner voices.

Handwriting and drawing engage more of your senses and motor neurons. And build connections in different brain regions. This high-level involvement helps you think, learn, and memorize more information.

When you write, your brain is active most of the time. So, writing first drafts can be exhausting for writers because of the cognitive load.

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Are all types of writing a workout?

No. It is interesting to note that writing can help you manage your emotions and depression. Writing when you feel anxious or stressed provides positive relief.

A study found that expressing your emotions through writing for 15-20 minutes for a few days a week has health benefits. These results can be both physical and psychological.

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