Should You Scratch Your Scalp?

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Dandruff is not a rare scalp issue. It is a common form of dermatitis.

One in every five people will have cradle scalp (babies) or scalp seborrhea (adults). Flakes affect 50% of the general adult population worldwide.

In one American survey, 50 million people admitted they suffer from the condition. On average, Americans spend $300 million on dandruff treatment products each year.
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What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition that causes visible flakes on your scalp. These flakes are not contagious, nor do they pose a health risk. Instead, it causes embarrassment and itchiness. Plus, it can lead to hair loss in extreme cases.

Why should you avoid scratching your scalp?

Dandruff makes your head crown itchy. But it is best to resist the urge to scratch because this increases irritation.

Scratching too hard injures the skin on your head. Repeated injury and inflammation of hair follicles cause damage, scarring, thinning hair, and slow growth.

Many studies speak against scratching with fingernails. Yet, hard itching with combs can puncture the scalp; cause bleeding, and risk infection.
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How to treat dandruff?

There are many topical treatments for scalp conditions. These products are for external use only and treat the symptom like itching.

But dandruff is a sign your scalp is unhealthy. Why? Because of your environment, vitamin deficiency, product choices, or hair care techniques.

According to Healthline, a healthy scalp needs the support of a nutritious diet, gentle hair care products, and a scalp scrub for light exfoliation.

Dandruff is difficult to treat because it has several causes. A dermatologist, hair specialist, or doctor would need to examine your scalp to prescribe a solution specific to you.
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