McDonald's customer alleges the app adds extra fees on delivery orders

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A McDonald's customer claims the fast food chain's app sneaks charges on delivery orders. The query sparked debate about the fees tacked onto existing delivery costs.

The US McDonald's app launched in 2015. The company's CEO, Steve Easterbrook, claims the app has 11 million registered users. And it has had 18 million downloads since it became available.
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TikTok user Nay (@nay_lafae) posted the clip. The video has a backdrop showing her mobile order. The bill lists $9.38, $2.89, $1.11, and $1.24, yet claims the total is $16.31. The TikToker said the math is not adding up as the amount should be $14.62. The receipt does not display where the extra $1.69 goes.

She posted the video to raise awareness about the issue. And to get suggestions about where the extra charge could be going as it was not listed on her receipt.

People in the comments assume the extra $2 went to tips automatically. They suggested this, as the screenshot shows five different tip options.

  • 15%
  • 18%
  • 20%
  • 25%
  • custom

Another person responded and alleged it happened to her but with a different amount, as the tip is a percentage of the order total. But the TikToker said she did not tap the tip option.


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