Walmart New Jersey Will Add-on Extra Fee This Week

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New Jersey is the latest state to ban single-use plastic bags. Walmart has to follow state rules and will change its policy on bags at checkout. Customers who shop through delivery orders would have already noticed the extra fee.

Customers must buy a bag or bring their reusable bags when shopping. Some persons will carry the groceries in the cart to their car if the store allows it. What about people who order via delivery? Consumers can opt out of the extra charge if they leave toutes or reusable bags at their doorstep.

Walmart New Jersey Stores

Produce bags remain available for meats and organic foods. Walmart provides these thin plastic or paper bags to prevent cross-contamination of food. New Jersey passed the legislation due to high plastic pollution in the state.

The surcharge is 42 cents beginning March 28.

Some customers expressed frustration at the change. They took to Twitter saying the retailer has made one too many updates in the last few months.

One upset customer tweeted, "#Walmart was charging a bag fee when shopping, this I know because I was charged. Now charging for the privilege of using their carts?" A second user said, " Not Walmart charging a bag fee for grocery pickup."

New Jersey joins a growing list of states with rules against single-use plastic bags.

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