McDonald’s customer reacts to the 'McBrunch Burger' after she had problems getting the item

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Do you ever want to combine McDonald's morning and lunch menu items? According to fans of the franchise, you can have both. One woman shared how she was able to have a McBrunch burger.

A video first introduced the burger in April 2021 by TikTok user Matt (@theglasssniper). TikToker Tommy Winkler (@tommywinkler), a food vlogger, re-introduced the combo. Chels (@chels_eats) records her order experience and how the burger tastes.

@chels_eats I finally got to try a #mcbrunch from @mcdonalds !! And i think they should make it a menu item ! 🤤😛 #chelseatsapproved👍🏽 #chelseats #eatwithme #brunch #foodie #foodtok #foodcritic ♬ original sound - Chels_eats

It is brunch food in burger form.

Many people had different experiences when they asked for the "secret menu" item. Chels shared her workaround. You order the needed ingredients and stack them yourself. But it took her three attempts to get the cheese hamburger, jalapeño, eggs, and hash brown.

Her review: Chels said it was surprisingly tasty and she enjoyed the flavor combo. Chels said if she compiled the McBrunch burger again she would add bacon.

She also encouraged McDonald's to add it to the menu.


Many comments claimed it was not worth all the work of waiting to order at 10:30 am. They preferred to get similar burgers at locations that served breakfast and burgers all day.

Comments included: "Whataburger has a breakfast burger that is the bomb!!" "Burger King serves burgers at breakfast. Maybe try a combo there too." "Seriously delicious 🤤 They should make it a regular menu item I love a fried egg on my burgers."


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