California Introduces $30 Insulin Program

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Gov. Gavin Newsom reveals plans for $30 insulin. California will partner with Civica Rx to provide the substance to Californians. The offer will be one-tenth of the current cost.

Insulin costs more in America than it does in other countries. Here is an excerpt from the research. "A 2020 Rand study found that the average price per vial of insulin in the US was more than $98 in 2018. That's compared with less than $7 in Australia, $12 in Canada, and less than $8 in the UK."

Newsom avoided a traditional State of the State address. Instead, he visited a Kaiser warehouse in Downey during his ongoing region tour.

The 10-year partnership aims to lower healthcare burdens for residents. It would do so without "subsidizing costs or socializing costs" but to address the "underlying" costs. The governor described the collaboration with the nonprofit as a market disruptor. He hopes corporations will lower their prices.

Manufacturing begins later this year.

The governor said, "This a big deal for us. This is not happening anywhere else in the United States." He expects "favorable treatment" from the FDA, and hopes to see delivery begin next year.

Newsom said this is only the beginning. After establishing the insulin program, the state aims to move to other medicines. It will be $30 for 10 milliliters of insulin administered through CalRX.

Mark Ghaly is secretary of the state's Health and Human Services Department. He and Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Han joined Newsom for the announcement. Mark said, "We're starting with insulin, but we're not stopping there. We will look for other opportunities, (for savings)." Newsom agreed saying, "next up is Meloxil."

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