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Some Ohio Shoppers Will See An Extra Surchange On Receipts This Summer

C. Heslop

Kroger customers are angry over the new surcharge they must pay this summer. Are you aware of the changes planned for this year? If passed, shoppers pay extra at checkout.

The Proposed New Rule

Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year. It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce that many bags. And usage averages 365 plastic bags per person.

An ordinance in Athens, Ohio, hopes to reduce single-use plastic bags in the city. Council member, Alan Swank, proposed the ban to the Athens City Council.

Ordinances against plastic bags began in 2016. This proposal is the more recent one to address the city's plastic bag usage. If passed, no store will provide single-use plastic bags to customers after August 1. The business also cannot charge the customer for a bag unless itemized on the receipt.

Customers can bring their reusable and carrier containers while shopping. The summer date allows shoppers and Kroger time to adjust to the change.

The fine is up to $100 for providing single-use bags. It is a separate infraction for each issuance of a plastic bag by the store.

How do you feel about the ban on plastic bags?


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