Dollar Tree Discontinues Food Staple From All Its Locations

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Dollar Tree is a discount brand known for its affordable prices. The variety store supplies household items and groceries. The company will stop offering one food item due to its high cost. The hope is to re-introduct the product in the Fall if the price goes down.

Dollar Tree has been undergoing several changes to cope with inflation. Recently it changed to a multi-price policy of $1.25, $3, and $5.

The Newest Dollar Tree Change

The discount retailer said the product would not be available at its 8,000 locations. Dollar Tree says high inflation and shortages sent the prices skyrocketing.

The company will stop selling eggs.

Bosses decided the retailer would stop offering eggs on March 14. The decision comes a few weeks before Easter. Eggs will not be back until the Fall. Eggs are still on sale until the stores' stock finishes.

People who want eggs can get them at Walmart, Kroger, Dollar General, and other supermarkets.

"Data from The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis has revealed that a dozen Grade A eggs in September cost Americans $2.90 before the price hit $4.82 in January. But, prices have dipped slightly in February, but remain high at $4.21. Over 58.6 million birds and 790 flocks have been affected causing the shortage that drove up the price, per US Department of Agriculture data."

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