Woman says all chain restaurants serve one order that allows her to eat out 5 days a week

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More people believe it is cheaper to eat out. They have seen grocery bills double within two years.

Most fast food meals last for two days. But one woman says she has a method that works well at every eatery. The strategy allows her to eat restaurant-cooked meals five days a week.

TikTok user Ashley (@thedisneygirlie) uploaded the video; it has 301.8K views.

The short clip shares Ashley's hack for budget meals.

She writes, "POV: a child-free adult is dismantling capitalism by ordering curbside kids meals 5 days a week bc it’s cheaper than groceries, $2 more than fast food, the portions are more than enough and the drink comes with it."

Tons of people have gone viral trying to prove small servings are close to medium and large portions.

Consumers are on to companies' marketing. With many noticing, kids' meals and beverages can fill an adult. If someone feels full fast, the kid's meal hack used by Ashley works.

The curbside pickup also eliminates feeling judged. Why? Fewer people see you ordering a kid's meal as a child-free adult.


Adults ordering kids' meals and drinks for themselves is a growing trend.

One responder wants the cost-saving hack to stay a secret longer, "Why do people share this info? Too many people will do it and they’ll just take it away." Someone replied, "Niche to be a children friendly sit down restaurant, they wont care if you want to order off the “kids menu” vs adding sm-lg on every item offered."
A user wrote, "Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse kids' meals kept me alive last summer." Ashley said, "Ha! I had Outback kids' meal 2 days ago, Bonefish Grill last night, and Cheddar’s tonight 😅."
Several comments listed their favorite places for kids' meals, "My favorite places to do this are Chipotle, Olive Garden, and Applebees 😂." "Best kids' meal hack is the BJ’s kids' pizza meal. It’s the same size as a normal mini pizza and you get a side and a drink and it’s literally $5 LMAO." " Chipotle kids meals are my latest obsession. Outback and Famous Daves portions are great for kids' meals!"
The hack has other benefits, "I also order kids' meals when there is the option. Not just for the cost but for limiting food waste when a normal meal is too much & won't reheat well."


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