Fiancée plans to not invite her unsupportive sister to her wedding after she expresses concern

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A bride does not appreciate her sister's concern.

The woman is young, in love, and excited about marriage.

She feels her sibling worries too much and should be more supportive. The situation is weighing on her. The 24-year-old thinks it is best to exclude her sister from the wedding.

Here is her recount of the situation via Reddit.

Derrick (30) proposed to the woman (24) one month ago.

They have known each other for six months.

She writes, "I know that’s not a long time. But when you know, you know. We are madly in love and ready to commit to each other fully."

The sister (26) thinks it is too soon.

The sister was supportive of the relationship before the engagement. When the sibling received the news via text, she replied, "congratulations.". When they met in person, the sister was serious and asked her to "strongly consider the marriage.".

The sister told the bride, "[she] was young and could meet people [she] loved more." But the bride thinks she and Derrick "are already fully committed to each other. So we might as well get married and be recognized as soul mates in the eyes of the law."

The bride and sister met again. When asked if she supported her union with Derrick, the sister gave a direct no. The fiancée stood up, told the sibling to skip the wedding, and left. The pair have not spoken since the exchange.

Derrick and the bride decided on the wedding list. They both agreed the unsupportive sister should not be there. When the bride mentioned her choice to a friend, the companion called her rude.

Now, the bride wonders if she made the right choice.


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