Bride sends maid-of-honor no-guest wedding card after her fiance feels ashamed of her poly relationship

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A 25-year-old woman will get married in September.

She and her husband plan to have a storybook wedding. But the fiance does not want the maid-of-honor's ploy relationship to be a topic at the wedding.

The woman wrote a Reddit post about it.

The bride says she and her fiance, Mike, plan to have a wedding with 250 guests. The maid-of-honor has helped with every step of the planning.

The bride says:

"Marissa (the maid-of-honor) is in a poly relationship and she has 3 partners. Greg (24M), Brandon (27M), and Ace (22NB). She's been with Greg for 5 years and he was the first partner she had. They added Brandon and Ace throughout their relationship, with Ace being the newest member. They all date each other and seem to be happy. I don't really "get" it if I'm being honest, but it's not my business."

The bride was okay with her maid-of-honor's relationship and wanted to invite all three partners. But the fiance cautioned against it.

Mike said he is a fan of Marissa (the maid-of-honor). But does not want to talk about her unusual relationship with his conservative family at the wedding. The bride did not want to ruin his big day and agreed the three guys should not come.

The couple did not talk to Marissa about their decision.

They sent her a wedding invite that had no way to add guests. When the bride explained the card, Marissa said "oh" and hung up. After talking more about the issue, everyone was unhappy:

  • Marissa (the maid-of-honor) will not go to the wedding without her three partners.
  • Mike (the fiance) said his bride will have to answer all questions about Marissa's relationship.
  • Mike gave away Marissa's three guest seats to his coworkers.
  • Mike refuses to un-invite his colleagues. The bride said she will pay the extra costs of hosting Marissa plus her three guests.


Mike realized he was wrong and apologized.

Marissa and her three partners received and accepted new invitations. Mike and his bride are figuring out seating arrangements and trying to make amends. Marissa and the bride will talk with Mike's conservative family before the event to explain Marissa's poly relationship.


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