Brand demotes barista after she had an understandable excuse and worked there 5 years

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One barista thinks her employer is being insensitive.

She has an understandable reason to need time off. But they believe it warrants a demotion. Corporate America is not going easy on anyone. It is a harsh stance and many workers face this reality every day.

TikTok user Jessi (@jessibfit) uploaded the clip. It shows Jessi in her uniform prepping a beverage. The video has 937 K views.

@jessibfit 4 more shifts left as the buff barista 🫡 i started my senior year of highschool and now im in year 2 of grad school. 3 promotions, 8 different stores, & thousands of coffees brewed. im forever grateful for starbies in so many ways 💚☕️ #starbucks #tobeapartner #starbucksbarista ♬ original sound - Lauryn ♡
Jessi's text overlay reads, "My 5.5 year Starbucks chapter is coming to a close because the company decided my 3 days a week / 16 hours (bc I’m a full-time doctorate student) wasn’t meeting their business needs anymore."
She continues, "I do miss the days when they were more flexible & supportive of students. But it’s time to move on to bigger & better things for my career. I loved working at Starbucks so much, but I truly won’t miss the 3:45 am wake-ups."
Jessi explains in her caption, "4 more shifts left as the buff barista. I started in my senior year of high school and now I’m in year 2 of grad school. 3 promotions, 8 different stores, & thousands of coffees brewed. I’m forever grateful for Starbies in so many ways."

The demotion caused a pay drop.

So, Jessi decided to leave and give more time to her studies and fitness influencer content.


In her replies, Jessi says the situation seems unfair. She is a grad student who can only work three days. Her demotion is for not working enough hours. But they will not schedule Jessi for more sessions on the three days she is available to work.

USAToday reports that Starbucks has cut opening hours due to staff shortages because some employees are still calling in sick.

The situation is not great for staff members who do want to work.


The comment section was a mix of sympathy and encouragement. Other Starbucks baristas mentioned that their hours have been cut. And they need to work a minimum amount of hours to qualify for different roles.

Changed hour arrangements, "Omg this!!! I’ve been with Starbucks for about the same about of time and just became a mom and was so happy I could work 12 hours a week but now. They are changing it to 18, you can’t even get full-time either, only managers get 40hrs at my store, anyways ☹️." " So did everyone get hours cut this month."
Similar experience, "You too? I'm a full-time law student and my manager is now making my hours an issue. I was like ok bye my education is more important 😂."
Encouragement, "I get the struggle as a doctorate student & jobs not being flexible. But, I can tell you that PsyD is worth all it & Starbucks will be a distant memory." " It’s hard leaving but you are moving towards better. Proud of you" Jessi replied, "it is hard to leave but the demotion pay rate was not worth it for me so it made it a bit easier 😅."


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