Free item at Sam's Club excites customer's daughter despite the long wait to collect it

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If you think checkout lines are slow, wait until you try to get a free item at Sam's Club.

One woman's daughter stood patiently despite the inconvenience and long wait time. She jerked with excitement. Her joy was contagious as the video amassed 3.7 million views.

TikTok user Brandy (@inkdmomma84) posted the clip of Sam Club's sample machine.

Brandy's video showed the sample machine in action. Her daughter jitters with excitement. The device makes her wait over 40 seconds for a free mini package of "Little Bites" muffins. The video started after the parent entered her email address, scanned her ID, and requested the item.

The machine features an ID scanner, loud, playful audio, and different wait messages. The design deters one person from taking several samples.

Freeosk Machine

The brand used at this Sam's Club is Freeosk.

The company website explains, "Freeosk works by having customers scan a QR code on their app. Once it recognizes the code, Freeosk will dispense the product currently on offer. The firm has machines at other locations, including Safeway and Albertsons."


Brandy claims she never noticed the machine until the Little Bite boxes were there. Most comments highlighted the machine features and their cravings for a snack. Others recounted underwhelming experiences from using similar devices at different locations. One person said these machines were another way to avoid hiring people.

"That took an obscene amount of time," wrote a responder.
Praise for the design, "Honestly kinda smart so people don’t sit there and take a bunch of them in a few seconds." "It's an ad! You have to watch the ad and other people will notice you standing there and see the ad too." A recounted experience, "This isn't new at all but I'm surprised it actually gave you that and not some type of cleaning supply like mine😭"
Humor, "The machine said I'ma work real slow with this minimum pay."
Criticism, "My Sams + Walmarts have had them for years & they always sound like they're on their last leg about to explode & take 10 years to dispense anything."


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