Customer reports server to manager after she misunderstands a drink order and asked for ID

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Everyone says you do not need any experience to work as a waiter.

But lack of experience got an employee in trouble. A customer reported a new, young server after she misunderstood someone's drink order. And she asked them for their ID. The mistake is common. But this consumer escalated the issue quickly, which intensified the new waitress' confusion.

The video is by TikToker Steph (@itsstephielin) and amassed 3.4 million views.

The short clip by Steph reads, “When I was a new server a table ordered an Arnold Palmer and I asked for their ID and they said, ‘for what?'. “I said, ‘We ID for all alcoholic drinks,’ and they said, ‘an Arnold Palmer is half lemonade and half ice tea,’ then they asked to speak with my manager.”

What is an Arnold Palmer?

It is a non-alcoholic drink, half parts iced tea and lemonade. The beverage refers to American professional golfer Arnold Palmer. He always asked for this drink mix at games.

Many new servers are unfamiliar with drinks outside the usual Coke-Cola and Spirit.

Some have asked for ID when people order a Shirley Temple.

If you are wondering, a Shirley Temple is also an innocent drink. It combines ginger ale and a splash of grenadine with maraschino cherry garnishing. Again, the beverage is a mix requested by the iconic child actress Shirley Temple.


Over 5,400 responders had a good laugh over the clip. They all agreed reporting her to the manager was extreme. Some servers made it seem like a rite of passage rookie mistake as they recounted similar stories.

"😂😂😂😂 Asking for a manager is pretty extreme…." said one commentator. "Bruh why did they ask for a manager that’s so mean lowkey." Steph replied, "High key mean! I was just trying to do my job 😥"
"My old coworker ID’d a lady for a Shirley temple. Because she told him it had grenadine & he thought that was liquor," claimed another server. "When I train people always ask them if they know what an Arnold Palmer is or a Shirley temple to avoid any embarrassment 😭😂😂"
Someone else alleged a customer was gentler with them in a similar situation. "It’s ok. My first time I said “we don’t have that” and he says “you have tea, right? And you have lemonade, right? Then you have an Arnold Palmer”😂😂."


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