Desperate Rich Parents Want A Kid-Free Summer

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Kids are the greatest blessings. But after the two-year pandemic lockdowns, parents want a break. They are desperate for a child-free 2023 summer.

One mom shared her story with the New York Post.

A summer camp rejection letter devasted a New York mom of an 8-year-old. She applied last July for attendance in 2023. The letter reads, "Due to unexpected and unprecedented demand, her child would not be granted a bunk."

Despite the advance application, the family could not get their daughter entry.

Stacy is not the woman's real name. Her desperation caused questionable choices. She began texting other moms and everyone she knew. Stacy wanted access to other well-connected parents. "I called begging, asking for a favor."

She tried name-dropping families with kids enrolled in the camp. Even offered to pre-pay for two years. But the camp was at capacity and said no.

All the traditional and well-known New York summer camps have full bookings. Begging and pre-paying offers have not worked. Some parents paid high-end consultants to negotiate how their kids could get acceptance.

Stacy had her heart set on a specific camp. But her desire for a child-free summer won. She placed her kid in a less elusive camp. Stacy added, "Camps are harder to get into than colleges these days."

Steve Bloom, a camp owner said he faced an "extraordinary sense of entitlement to the process from many parents." Steve mentions offers of everything from Super Bowl tickets to baked goods. "We have to shut it down fast," he said.

Widespread high demand for childcare facilities

The high demand benefits all facilities, which house kids. Many parents did not like the cost of many day camps. But with no other choice, these venues are also posting booked-out notices.

Many parents are warning others to begin their applications 1-2 years in advance.

"Under no circumstances did it occur to me that this is a full-year process for day camp for a kindergartner. It went from being a thing I hadn’t thought about in the slightest to being a major point of concern," Scott said. "We just freaked out."

Some families will look into summer camps and daycare facilities offered in nearby states.


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