Bride Marries High School Teaser Who Trolled Her Daily Via Social Media And Claims Tragedy Brought Them Together

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Like a plot ripped from the pages of a romance novel.

A woman decided to forgive her high school oppressor by saying, "I do." to his marriage proposal. She added that her negative feelings toward him feel so silly now.

Lauren Enslow, 20, from Utah, married Lucas Olsen, 21.

In October 2016, the pair met at a friend's party and spoke over Snapchat. Lauren shut down Lucas as she did not want a boyfriend. They talked again in the summer of 2017, and Lauren said no to him a second time.

In September 2017, Lauren started high school. Lauren realized she and Lucas had the same friend group. It made interactions "awkward".

Lucas and his friends teased Lauren via Snapchat. They called her "Linda"; they claimed she looked like the character from Bob's Burgers. Lauren disliked him for it.

But her feelings changed after a tragedy.

Lucas saw a car accident involving Lauren's mother Jessica Enslow, 48, and sister Alyssa Kimber, 28, in November 2017.

He reached out after the minor, non-fatal car accident.

"It showed he cared. It helped me like him again," Lauren said.

The two became friends, developed feelings, and started dating in September 2018. Lucas proposed in July 2022 and the couple married in October 2022.

'It’s funny that I can call him my high school (tyrant) and high school sweetheart," Lauren stated.


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