Women Say "Even If You Dislike Your Job, Do Not Quit" 'Except Boomers' As Many Allege America Is In A Recession

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Employed people have it hard.

Dozens of reasons exist for you to quit your job. But women caution that it is not the best choice in 2023. Here is why they suggest you tough it out a lot longer.

TikToker Dr. Scarlett Smash [@drscarlettsmash] posted about quitting in 2023 (290k views). Smash stitched her video to one by April [@aprilshrinks2], which has 5.1 million views. Meanwhile, Chrissy Georgia (@chrisssyxg) claims some new jobs are worse than old ones (2.9 million views).

@drscarlettsmash #stitch with @aprilshrinks2 please take her #advice. There are so many of us suffering without jobs. #jobsearching #jobhunting #jobtips #fyp #foryou #jobsearchtips ♬ original sound - Dr Scarlett Smash

Scarlett is a Ph.D. scientist who does podcasting as a side hustle. April has a design background, and her side hustle is fitness mentorship. Both women cannot find 9-5 employment for different reasons.

For Scarlett, it is because science-related roles are rare. For April, it is due to employer pickiness. She lists positions asking for 12 years of experience, ultra-defined portfolios, and design app certification.

Scarlett says:

"100% please do not quit your job. I am not joking when I'm trying to say I'm doing everything I possibly can. I'm on Indeed non-stop, and it's just dry. There aren't any jobs that are being posted. Not a single posting in my field was posted today."
"I am serious when I'm trying to say the job market is so bad. And there are so many people out here right now that are jobless. Stay where you're at. I know you [dislike] it, but, baby, you don't want to be here."

One comment said, "*don’t quit your job without having another job lined up*."

But a new job is not foolproof

Chrissy quit her old job twice and went back each time. Chrissy posted January 26, 2023, video saying the second time, she returned two days later.

She did not say what caused her to return. Chrissy stated that the staff at her previous place had a send-off party for her. The event included a card and cash gifts from co-workers.

In the comments, Chrissy said she gave back the staff their money. And she is happy she left each time on good terms with management.


The comment sections of all three videos are as you would expect. People recounted similar experiences, suggested ways to get jobs, and expressed sympathy.

One person said, "Except for boomers, they can quit their jobs now. Please?" Someone replied, "My mom tried. She went into retirement and had to go back to work to make ends meet :("
Story shares, "I did this, they threw me a party and I went back 7 weeks later. Sometimes the grass isn't always greener on the other side." Opposite experience, "Y'all got some good people you work for. I put in my 2 weeks and they just told me not to come in anymore then."
Another claimed, "This is why it makes me mad when people tell me that "everyone is hiring, people just do not want to work" They are in fact not hiring."


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