Alleged Walmart Scam Affecting Texas Shoppers

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Dishonest people continue to target Walmart and its shoppers.

Walmart faces a new challenge after it implemented strategies to clamp down on people taking shelf items and shopping cart removals. One woman shared a public service announcement (PSA) as she recorded her transaction.

The video that amassed 707.7K views is by TikTok user Tori (@abundancetori).

@abundancetori This is a public service announcement 🗣 #walmart @walmart come check on y’all’s people. My credit card info was almost stolen and I wouldn’t have know or had any clue how or why. Please #sharethisvideo #fyp #scam #bewareofscam ♬ James Hype Ferrari Showmusik Remix - Showmusik

Tori is a Houston-based Walmart customer. It appears she was using a self-checkout machine to process her transaction. The card reader machine looked different. Tori asked an employee for help.

One staff member removed the skimmer device placed above the actual card reader. Then, helped Tori safely process her bill. Meanwhile, another worker quickly grabs the skimmer. She runs off with the machine before Tori shows how it looks.

Tori expressed gratitude as she did not lose her data.

She believes the device could have affected some Walmart shoppers. But they do not know where they lost their card data. She suggests people pay attention to card readers before they swipe.

The skimming trend is on the rise again. ATMs are closing early to stop dishonest people from adding devices to the machines.


Comments speculated about who could have added the skimmer device to the card reader. One person said they visit locations and work in pairs during busy hours. A few wondered how employees missed it if they "watch like a hawk" at self-checkouts.

Others added they see this happen at many point-of-sales across the state.

"Interesting...Walmart cameras can catch people not scanning food and other items without paying but not someone installing a skimmer😐," wrote one user.
Another replied, "If you are a Walmart plus member, you can scan your stuff while you shop. Then pay without going to the lines." Tori replied, "I'm over Walmart at this point. What I didn't show you was a man walking around with a whole laptop [taking] folks' info."
Many people were sad the employee took the device before they could see it. One suggested, "Just tug or pull on it. Gas stations you need to pull but be-careful b/c they’re getting craftier so just use cash."


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