An alleged Walmart worker claims the anti-theft stores infringe on shopper's personal data and identity

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An alleged Walmart employee says the store's technology infringes on your data and identity. The cameras are more intrusive as the company tries to curb dishonesty.

Many people make cheeky remarks about their actions at Walmart's self-checkout. But the company's bottom line reflects that customers do leave without paying.

The grocery chain has updated its machines. The changes will prevent dishonesty and record people who try to outsmart self-checkout scanners. It means Walmart has more data on self-checkout users than their smartphones, according to an employee.

Here is how she describes the intrusiveness.

Walmart spent even more millions and partnered with a different tech company. What is the result? Big white, high-tech self-checkout machines. These machines have AI that studies customers' actions and records all their information.

The TikTok creator is AshtheTruth; her video has 2 million views. She shows a clip of the new Walmart self-checkout devices. Then alleges:

"So you see those little machines right there? Oh, yeah. So I made a video about the cameras that they have that can see into your phone. Well, those ones at the [new checkout] register, they're 10 times worse, my dude.
"So, every time you scan something, it takes pictures of you. And let me just tell you every time that you run your card through a Walmart scanner, they have a note of it."

More allegations.

She claims Walmart and all stores collect data on their consumers. But these are new levels.

"They can find you by your credit card. I don’t recommend using credit cards if you’re trying to do anything janky, my dude."
"They also take a picture of your face and the card that they’re using. And they hold it and store it as a file. If you want to protect your information, and your may or may not be doing janky stuff, use cash and cover your ID. Those cameras can read into your wallet and they do."


Most of the over 4900 comments questioned Walmart's choices.

"All that and no Apple Pay." "They paid for all this. But can’t raise their minimum wage or hire enough people." "So why is the old lady at the front door [still] checking my receipt then 😤 my dude 😂😂." "But let me return something and my receipt won’t show whatsoever 😂"
Some believe it is true because of how Walmart purchases show up on card bills and in the store app. "Everything I purchased from any Walmart using my debit card is automatically on my app so I know they are tracking." "Yup, if I swipe my card in the store my purchase will show up in my Walmart app. The app knows when you walk into the store 👏🏽👏🏽."
Others said human data is the way of the future. Referencing Amazon's palm-reading stores and facial recognition devices at Airbnb places. "Lots of places have facial recognition."


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