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Mexican Immigrants Slam Other Foreign Migrants For "Expecting" Luxury Living Paid For By The City

C. Heslop

Americans are not the only ones fuming over the new influx of migrants into the country.

Mexican immigrants are also angry. Many Mexicans get detained in overcrowded areas with thin beds and resources. But they say other foreign migrants get better treatment and have come to expect it.

Busloads of migrants came to New York during a snowstorm. A Manhattan hotel agreed to house them until the frigid temperatures passed. Afterward, the hotel told the people to leave.

It is causing an ongoing standoff.

Bonfilio Solis, 43, expressed frustration. It enrages him that those migrants expect the hotel to keep housing them. "These migrants expect benefits from the government and aren't appreciating what they're being given. They're being very disrespectful."

Solis said he built his American dream. Solis lives in Morningside Heights with his wife and four kids. He thinks activists are encouraging the entitled behavior of migrants. These groups protest that the state wants people to move out of the hotel into a mega-shelter that "lacks good showers and heat".

Solis adds:

"I’ve been here 30 years. I never got anything from the government but I [worked really hard] and now I own my own construction company. My first job in America was washing dishes in a restaurant, then a waiter, then I got a job in construction and worked my way up to foreman."
"To see these guys sitting here, expecting everything to be given to them with no effort — it’s not fair to other migrants that are willing to work and are working for a better future."
"They’ve been given shelter in Brooklyn but they won’t take it because they expect an expensive hotel room. It’s not right. It gives migrants a bad name."


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