Fast Food Orders Bought Through DoorDash Rarely Make It To Customers

C. Heslop

DoorDashers are going to war against the customers they promised to serve.

Like Uber, the food delivery app allows anyone to signup and provide a service in exchange for money.

But most of these service workers have a greater interest in their earnings. They also believe app users take advantage of them. The contract staff claims the app's pay rate is impossibly low, and they need tips to make ends meet.

How do DoorDashers retaliate against customers?

Many people speculate America is in a quiet recession because of the layoffs. It has left many households dependent on side hustles to pay bills.

TikTok user TheMotorcycleDasher (@doortrashfranco) is a doordasher. Like most of these workers, he has been super vocal about his expectations of customers.

His slogan is "No Tip. No Trip. (Mandatory)"

People thought his way of doing business was unprofessional. TheMotorcycleDasher wanted to prove he was being honest. As many DoorDashers quietly feel the same way.

So, he made a series of videos at different fast-food and grocery pickup stations. Each one shows several ignored packages because there is no tip included in the delivery offer. Apparently, drivers are quick to decline orders when they realize it has no or low gratuity included.

Some people in the comments allege they give cash tips at the door. But if a DoorDasher does not get the gratuity, they resort to ugly means of "getting even" with customers, which involve shoppers never receiving their food.

Earnings of DoorDashers

The DoorDash website suggests, "Dashers nationally earn $25 per hour including 100% of tips." But in the helpdesk FAQ section, the DoorDash website gives the actual pay rate. "Base pay is DoorDash's base contribution for each order. This will range from $2-10+ depending on the estimated time, distance, and desirability."

It means that DoorDashers make the bulk of their money from tips.

Before accepting an order, the delivery person thinks about gas costs. They also consider their time and if the order profit margin is worth it.

Another DoorDasher TikTok page (@ordinarydeliveryguy) claims hundreds of orders get trashed each night by restaurants because no one picks them up.

DoorDash is aware of the issue - so the brand changed its return policy. Customers can lose their profiles if they ask for refunds too many times.

Ordinary Delivery Guy claims it is standard for DoorDash to pay $2-3 per delivery. And many people are asking for deliveries over distances of 6 miles and more.

Harsh Critics as Content

Some DoorDashers like the Ordinary Delivery Guy, use order notifications to create content.

Many viewers think his opinions are too judgemental. People also do not like that he is usually against tips of under $5.


Many comments wondered if the Ordinary Delivery Guy even liked doing deliveries because he is hard to please.

The comments included, "But you won't deliver it even if it is that close? Where is the logic?" "Delivery guys when they have to do their job 😡🤬😤." "Maybe sick, bro, don't judge." "Literally the purpose of these apps is for convenience lol"


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