Discomfort Grows: Walmart Adds New Service Charges And Seals Off Access As Anti-Theft Measures Increase

C. Heslop

Walmart is trying everything to keep shoppers' intentions pure.

But it means honest shoppers face serious inconveniences.

Most of the existing measures have shoppers feeling embarrassed to shop at Walmart. For example, buzzing for employee help. And glass cases for small products that only cashiers can unlock. Now? More buyers will wonder why they still go to this big-box brand for groceries and supplies.

TikTok users claim that as of February 2023, it will be a lot more unpleasant to shop at Walmart.

User Sue (@harajukubarbiesu) alleges $7 charges to use hand-held baskets - 252.4K views. Shawn (@soulforgepodcast) claims it will be $1 to use a shopping cart - 7.5 million views. He adds the fee kicks off pretty soon. Travel Life Mama (@travel_life_mama) complains her location went beyond padlocks to barricade whole cosmetic aisles - 686.3K views.

Rental of Walmart shopping carts

Shawn (@soulforgepodcast) shows a new feature on his Walmart shopping cart. It is a payment mechanism that asks for $1 to use it.

In the clip, Shawn says,"Starting February 1st, Walmart will charge you a dollar to take out their carts."

His store is not the only one with the change. Travel Life Mama posted a video showing the payment system on her cart. You get the $1 back if the carrier goes into an appropriate area.

First responders expressed anger (25.3K comments). But then some noted you get the $1 back. And brands like Aldi already have such a feature on their carts.

Shawn is Canadian. Travel Life Mama travels between Canada and America. It was her first time seeing the feature used in an American Walmart. Some comments pointed out that Americans may be warming up to the cart feature. But it is standard in Canada and the UK.

Meanwhile, Sue alleges she paid $7 to use a Walmart basket and got a 5% discount. In the comment section, people called her out because no one else had a similar experience. Plus, people thought the amount was too much. Sue also failed to name the Walmart location.

Closed off beauty aisle

Another video by Travel Mama shows barricaded beauty passages. A Walmart worker also allegedly checks the aisles at all times.

In the comments. Many said they understood why Walmart went to such great lengths to protect its merch. But these changes would make them think twice about shopping there.

The replies included, "Meanwhile Shoppers Drug Mart makes you walk through the cosmetics section to get into the store." "They'll do everything, but hire cashiers." "I get they're trying to prevent [dishonesty]. But that would deter me from shopping there. I’d have to flag someone down every minute to open a different case."

Walmart made hundreds of changes to its business model in 2022. And the modifications continue.


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