McDonald's Customers Boast About Getting Free Food: "Yes, I Got A Big Mac For A $1 Literally"

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People usually complain about fast-food restaurants.

But McDonald's is making its customers happy with free food. Despite, prices going up consumers still have a reason to smile. Many say they found a way to get free items and it is allowed.

The video by TikTok user Shelby (@shelby.brooklyn) amassed 3.7 million views.

The five-second video shows Shelby and her friend dancing in a car.

The clip text overlay reads, "When we get our whole meal for free because we're broke and we know how to work the McDonald's app."

The McDonald's App

The McDonald's app has had over seven million downloads since it launched in the Fall of 2015. A big reason behind the popularity is the deals offered on the platform.

App users have a lot of options allowing them to get free food.

The most well-known way is points from previous orders.

But sometimes, McDonald's app subscribers get exclusive and random promotions. For example, in October 2022, the food chain started Free Fries Fridays. People who sign up for the first time also get extra offers of free goodies or discounts.


The comment section on Shelby's clip expressed mixed feelings. Some people believed that offers on the app since 2023 began have fallen flat compared to previous years. Most wanted her to explain how to work the app and other provided tips to get more great deals.

"No, because since the new year started they have had NO good deals, one user typed. Like I don’t want 20% off a quarter pounder." Followed by, "I don't know. I feel like the coupons haven’t been that good recently. Like I’m still paying $7 to eat there these days with deals."
Another responder wrote, "How please?" And the replies were, "Y’all just gotta sit in the pickup spot and put in multiple orders 😂 easiest way to do it in my opinion." "And I’ll wait that 15 minutes [between orders] if I have to 🤣. "I once got 14 McChickens, 60 nuggets, and 3 baskets of fries for $3.25 because of an app glitch." "Place your first order before you leave!!! Then place your second order when you get there." "Free Fries Fridays." "Ohh it’s best when your door dasher and you get other people's points to use 🤡💕 [because the server needs to scan the order code]."
One comment said, "People are always asking me how I afford to get McDonald’s every day and this is why 😂."


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