Mom's card declined by Costco after she tries convenient shopping: "Sam's Club is the same"

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Card declined. It is an embarrassing situation for many shoppers.

And a scenario one woman experienced while shopping at Costco. What's worse? Her inconvenience added to the wait time of other consumers behind her.

The Costco fiasco shared on TikTok has 1.9 million views via poster Temo (@tvmoo_).


on the phone for 20 min 3 ppl on the line to confirm that yes I’m at Costco and yes my mom authorizes the transaction like ??

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Many parents are happy when their children are old enough to drive a car and run errands. One mother saw this as an opportunity for convenient shopping - let the young adult do it.

But her daughter's trip to Costco caused more trouble than intended. The Costco card is in the mother's name and the family did not spring for the extra cost of an add-on member.

Here is what happened.

After ringing up the items at self-checkout, the transaction did not go through. Worse. Temo said her mother's card got declined. Despite her being on the phone for 20 minutes with three people to confirm the transaction and having her mom authorize the purchases.

Fed up and sarcastic, Temo ends the video with a thumbs up.

Costco's Policy

According to Costco’s membership policies, the “Primary Member” must authorize all charges and cardholder changes to the membership. But, it also says the primary member can add “additional Cardholders (Affiliates)” to the membership.

What if you are not the person in the picture on the membership card? It means the cardholder would need to be present. Or the member would need to add an additional cardholder name for the transaction to go through.


Many people sympathized with Temo while noting Costco's policy.

"Costco did the same thing to me. Used my mom's card and [Costco] declined it, one wrote." "They are so strict about it, that’s why I prefer going to Sam's 😭." But someone's Sam's Club experience was different, "Sam's is the same. I used my mom's card (she was with me, just wasn’t paying) and they tried to say it had to be her card paying for the transaction 🙄."
"I and my mom were at the check out and my dad was the one [photographed] on the card, another typed." "But he wasn't there yet and we had the card, they said we can’t buy anything." Followed by, "Ah and It’s literally the most embarrassing thing ever 😭."
Someone said for this reason they prefer to pay the extra $60 dollars, "This is why I got the family. There's me plus a bonus card for my bro. 😌."


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