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Woman reacts after McDonald's location remained open for 24 hours despite all the machines not working

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Do you love ordering at McDonald's? Before your next visit, prepare to have your request declined. That is the encounter recorded by Fai (@idcfai) at a McDonald's drive-thru in Washington.

It is well-known McDonald's ice cream machines do not work. The company's attempts to fix the equipment nationwide failed. It even led to a $900 million suit.

But imagine a worker explaining how little is available. The video has 1.8 million views.

Fai drove up to a McDonald's drive-thru in Washington. Before she could get a word in, a worker began listing broken machines. It reduced her ability to get frozen treats and drinks or pay with a card.

Fai tries to hold in a hysterical laugh.

Meanwhile, the worker announces, "We’re only taking cash. The ice machine is down. The frappe machine is down, the slushie machine is down…"
The employee continues, "We’re not taking mobile orders and we’re not taking promos. We’re not taking promotions, we’re not taking codes…and I think that’s everything but I think I’m forgetting something.” Fai replied, "Okay, thank you." The employee apologies for the inconvenience, "You’re welcome. Sorry about that."

This location possibly has it worse than others.

People love McDonald's so much there is a McBroken website. It reports which stores have working and malfunctioning ice cream machines. In the top 10 list of broken equipment, Seattle, Washington, ranks at number 9 (12.5%).


People found the exchange as amusing as Fai judging by the comments.

"I feel like I’m forgetting something", was referenced in a comment. Fai replied, "Because what else is there 😂." Someone added, "Oh, we [out of] Hi-C Orange, Sprite, [Coca-Cola]."
"I lowkey feel bad for her [though]. Like there are definitely people who screamed at her that day like it was her fault," one expressed sympathy. Followed by, "At that point, they should’ve just closed down and clocked out 😭."
A third questioned, "Well, what do they have?"


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